If you have any further questions or queries we are more than happy to discuss these over the telephone or you can submit these by email by filling out and submitting the enquiry form.

Are you insured?

All Chartered Surveyors must maintain a minimum level of Professional Indemnity Insurance as required by The Society of Chartered Surveyors Ireland (SCSI) of €375,000 for each and every claim. Some non-Chartered Surveying firms or individuals passing themselves as surveyors may have no Professional Indemnity Insurance or may attempt to limit their liability to a multiple of the fee being charged to the client. Where Professional Indemnity Insurance is held it is important to check that the correct cover is in place to cover the services that the firm or individual offer. Thorntons maintain a high level of Professional Indemnity Insurance currently in the sum of €3,000,000.00. (€3 million ).

Thorntons also have the following other insurances:

  • Public Liability Insurance cover €10,000,000. (€10 million)
  • Employers Liability cover €13,000,000.00. (€13 million)

We are also able to through our Broker obtain higher levels of cover if required.

What if I don't understand everything in your report?

We are happy, once you have received and read the Report to spend some time on the telephone discussing any concerns or queries you might have with our Report. We do not charge an additional fee for this.

Will you carry out a mortgage valuation as well as the survey?

Yes. We are on most financial lenders panels with a number of exceptions. We can often offer a reduced combined mortgage valuation and survey fee if both are carried out at the same time. Please contact our office for further details of this offer.

How quickly can you carry out a survey for me and how quickly can I get the report?

The lead-in time for carrying out a survey is largely dependant on our workload at any particular time taking into account the location, size and complexity of the survey required.

In most cases, we are able to conduct the survey within a relatively short time frame. In some cases subject to access being available, we have undertaken surveys on the following day following receipt of instructions. It is our procedure to indicate to the client an approximate time frame when the survey could be undertaken taking into account the above and the clients requirements.

All instructions received are confirmed in writing and once this has been completed the survey can proceed. Residential surveys can normally be turned around on straight forward properties within an approximate three or four-day time frame after the inspection. We always endeavour to issue the Report as quickly as possible once all of our terms and conditions have been complied with.