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Schedule of Dilapidations are prepared on behalf of either a Landlord or Tenant on a commercial leasehold property, where there are obligations to repair and maintain that property.

A schedule of dilapidation details any breaches of such obligations or covenants, and other lease clause breaches, on an interim basis during the lease term, and close to or at the end of a lease term. There are various remedies to a landlord depending upon the lease and the circumstances of the breaches.

Schedules of Dilapidation can be prepared and passed for serving on Tenants. Priced versions can also be prepared depending upon the circumstances.

Anticipated Schedule of Dilapidation can also be prepared for Tenants who are concerned about the condition of their premises approaching the end of a lease or Break Clause. This enables the Tenant to either undertake such work, in good time or to budget for the likely cost of the Landlords Schedule of Dilapidations and claim. We are able to act for any Tenant where they have been served with a Schedule of Dilapidations.

We also offer Lease Commencement or Pre-lease Schedules of Condition, where the overall condition of a property is recorded, prior to the lease commencing. This Schedule of Condition is then attached to the lease as the agreed condition of the premises at the start of any lease. The Tenant is then only responsible to maintain the property to this standard.

‘Dilapidation surveys’ are often called for by Engineering or Construction companies to record the condition of any particular building or structure prior to any adjacent development, or building works, where it may have an effect or impact on it. Strictly speaking, these are not Dilapidation Surveys, in the true meaning above, but are called Schedules of Condition or Pre-works Schedule of Condition.

Schedule of Dilapidations

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