A Painless Snag List

Why do you need a Snag List?

Our Snag List shows you the issues that matter to you BEFORE move in day

While a pre-purchase survey is carried out on a second-hand property, a Snag List Inspection is carried out on a newly built residential dwelling, in order to produce a Snag List Report.

snag listing

We provide you with a snag list which gives you:

  • a fully comprehensive list of items that the developer/builder has not carried out
  • works which have not been completed correctly
  • works that have not been carried out to a satisfactory standard
  • items of defective work
  • works required to ensure that a property is completed to Building Regulation Standard

The Snag List Report will include all of the items required to ensure that your property is at a standard and condition which a purchaser should expect, prior to moving in to their new property.

Check out the description of a snag list provided by myhome.ie

How do we create your Snag List?

Step 1 – Contact the Developer

Following receipt of the initial instruction, we will contact the developer, builder or agent within 24 hours. We work with them to arrange access and to check that the property is ready for snagging.

Step 2 – Snag the property or site

A typical property site survey will take 1.5 – 2 hours. This process provides you with a detailed report of snags, often running to hundreds of snagging items. The snag items from the survey are recorded to produce your Snag List.

Step 3 – Prepare the Snag List

Using the snag items, we produce a simple and comprehensive report in an easy to follow format. We outline each piece of remedial work required in an area by area and room by room layout.

Your Snag List Report contains clear and comprehensive information on all items discovered during snagging.

Step 4 – Sending the Snag List

The Snag List is forwarded as a PDF document by email to you the purchaser.

A copy of the Snag List Report can also be sent to the developers/builder’s office so that they can commence the undertaking of the remedial snagging work without delay.

Step 5 – Follow-up Inspection (optional)

A follow-up inspection can be carried out if required, although our easy to follow Snag list report format will allow most purchasers to check that the snag items have been attended to.

Our building surveyors and technical team are always on hand to answer any of your queries and to provide any relevant technical advice, as well as a follow-up snag service.

Why choose Thorntons Chartered Surveyors for your Snag List?

When you want a comprehensive Snag List Report on your new property, one which will ensure that all deficiencies, incomplete works and snags are recorded and brought to the developers/builders attention and a snag list prepared by a professional firm of independent surveyors, who will represent your interests, then contact Thornton Chartered Surveyors.

We carry out Snag Lists inspections on properties in Dublin and the surrounding countries, including Louth, Meath, Kildare, Wicklow.

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