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Land Registry Compliant Mapping

Thorntons Chartered Surveyors provide the full range of surveying services required for property transfer, from Land Registry Compliant Maps, Multi-Storey Schemes/Apartments, Farm Mapping and Declarations of Identity in accordance with the requirements of the Property Registration Authority.

Our surveyors will attend the property, check the boundaries illustrated on the map provided and confirm if the actual site boundaries match those on the map. Measurements of the site are taken, the area of the site calculated. Where the boundaries and map are correct and accurate the map is certified. In many cases however alterations to the Ordnance Survey Ireland (OSi) Land Registry Compliant Maps may be required, to accurately reflect the site boundaries, such as in the case of a new site, sub-division or alterations to an existing site. The registration of an apartment will require a floor plan to be prepared, identifying the subject apartment within the building, in addition to the Land Registry Compliant Map been prepared and certified.

Please contact us for a competitive quote, which can be provided within 4 working hours of an enquiry. Maps can be completed with 24-36 hours of on-site visit and measure up.

Declarations of Identity

We carry out site inspections and provide Declarations of Identity for purchasers and sellers in relation to residential and commercial properties. A Declarations of Identity is a document prepared by a suitably qualified professional that certifies that a dwelling or building and all of the services to the property are located within the site boundaries of the property in question. Typical site services may include private water supply well, septic tank, wastewater treatment system, percolation area and ancillary works.

The Declaration is signed by the surveyor who undertook the on-site inspection and the document is witnessed in the presence of a Commissioner of Oaths or solicitor. The declaration will refer to the property folio number and is accompanied by the Folio map, with the boundaries of the site outlined in red. The Declarations of Identity can also be produced for property boundaries were no buildings or site services are present.

Boundary Issues

Thorntons Chartered Surveyors are regularly instructed to advise upon boundary issues and disputes which arise between property owners and between neighbouring properties. We can carry out on-site inspections and prepare preliminary reports and expert witness reports for property owners, occupiers or instructing solicitors. We have the expertise to offer services in relation to any boundary disputes or issues and to provide title deed maps and land registry maps in accordance with the requirements of the Property Registration Authority, where sites or parcels of lands are being subdivided.

Land Surveying

Our team of experienced surveyors can produce highly accurate and detailed topographical surveys of both rural and urban environments, from brownfields sites, housing developments, commercial premises, to farms and greenfield sites. These surveys are provided for many different clients, including architects, designers, developers, management companies and property owners, on both existing and future developments. We undertake land surveys throughout Ireland, from large scale projects to more densely situated sites, including “As-built” Housing Developments.

The topographic surveys carried out and the data produced can be related back to Ordnance Survey (OSi) data to assist with the planning and designing, as well as the construction, refurbishment and extension of new and existing buildings and developments. All surveys are carried out using the most up-to-date equipment, including Total Stations, GPS and Laser measuring hardware, to produce detailed AutoCAD drawings to our client’s specification and scale.

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