Pre-Purchase, Measured and Building Surveys

building surveyor, building surveysThorntons can provide a full range of building surveying services, including

on an extensive range of different properties and advise on matters such as the condition, defects and remedies, and the need for specialist investigation.

Pre-Purchase House Survey / Homebuyers Survey 

A pre purchase house survey, often referred to as a homebuyers survey, commenting on the general condition and state of repair of a residential property, reporting on any urgent or significant defects.

The pre-purchase report identifies the main issues, defects and concerns with the property, building resinstatement
including services, garage, outbuilding and boundaries and advises on their condition. The survey report informs the prospective purchaser whether the defects are serious or urgent and advises on remedial works, repairs and maintenances required.   This type of inspection, survey and report is usually adequate for the majority of standard constructed residential properties, including apartments, traditional houses and most family homes, which has not been significantly altered or extended.

The pre-purchase house survey we undertake and the detailed survey report we produce allows the prospective purchaser to make an informed decision as to whether or not to proceed with the purchase, or whether additional consideration and renegotiations may be required.

A pre-purchase house survey / home buyers survey is quite different from a Residential Valuation Survey, which will be undertaken by a registered valuer, to assess the value of a property, by completing a 3-4 page market valuation report on the property. A residential valuation report is a prerequisite for all lending institutions, with each financial institution having a set approved panel of valuers.

As we are on the approved valuation panel of a number of the financial institutions, such as AIB and Bank of Ireland, we can undertake Residential Valuation Surveys in addition to the pre-purchase house survey / home buyers survey. ln some cases a pre-purchase house / homebuyers survey may however not be suitable for some buildings, such as  for very old or unusual properties or those of non-traditional construction type.  In such circumstances a more detailed full Building Survey or a full Structural Survey may be more appropriate.

One of our surveying team members will be happy to advise you as to the most  appropriate survey which should be carried out on the property you are considering purchasing and also on the various services which we can provide. Our Surveying team have extensive experience in carrying out pre-purchase house survey on a wide range of residential properties in the Dublin and north east region for the past 30 years.

Contact Thorntons Chartered Surveyors when you want a comprehensive and detailed pre-purchase house / homebuyers survey, prepared by a Professional Chartered Building Surveying Firm, utilizing years of experience, expertise and knowledge, to inspect the property you are considering buying.

To book your pre-purchase house / homebuyers survey simply contact us on  phone us on 01 8850400 or click on the Enquiry Form and fill in your details. We carry out pre-purchase house surveys in Dublin and the surrounding countries, including Louth, Meath, Kildare and Wicklow.
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Building Surveys (Structured Surveys)

building surveyBuilding Surveys are prepared on commercial properties including offices, shops, industrial units and on some very old or unusual residential properties or those of non-traditional construction type. A Building Surveys is a much more detailed survey, providing a very detailed report than a pre-purchase house or homebuyers survey and will usually including accessing high level roofs and partly concealed areas, as well as the inspection and reporting on services.  The Building Survey Reports will provide a full and clear picture of the construction of the building, its condition and any recommended remedial works or issues. The report includes extensive technical information on construction and material as well as details a whole range of defects major and minor.
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Measured Surveys

Our electronic surveying equipment system enable us draw up floor plans as they are surveyed them. It is not only the most accurate and fastest way of surveying buildings but is also the most cost effective for our clients.

Our measured surveys provided accurate as built / measured survey drawings of existing buildings, including site plans, floor plans, attic plans, roof plans, cross sections, elevations and street scenes. Using the latest electronic surveying equipment, combining total stations, hand held laser based measuring devices coupled via Bluetooth to a laptops with computer aided design software and the more traditional tape measure methods,  we are able to produce accurate survey drawings and data, that is efficiently collected, edited, and supplied in a range of formats. Those formats include ACAD, DWG, DXF, PDF and hard-copy plotted drawings.

Accurate floor plans, elevations and sections of existing buildings can be provided for many different purposes. These may include planning permission applications, domestic refurbishment,  house extensions,  retail and commercial refurbishment, as building drawings of developments and buildings, Land Registry Compliant Maps, etc.

We carry out measured surveys on properties in Nationwide, including Dublin, Cork, Limerick, Galway, Louth, Meath, Kildare, Wicklow and Wexford.

To book a measured surveys simply contact us by phone on 01 8850400 or click on the Enquiry Form and fill in your details.
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