Our Building Surveyors can undertake a survey of a property and advise on matters such as condition, defects, and remedies, and the need for any specialist investigation.

We carry out surveys on commercial and residential properties.

Measured Surveys are produced to provide dimensional information on existing land or buildings, or as a surveypreliminary service before the start of any design and building work.
Thorntons offer the following services:-

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A pre-purchase house survey, often referred to as a homebuyers survey, commenting on the general condition and state of repair of a residential property, reporting on any urgent or significant defects. The pre-purchase report identifies the main issues, defects and concerns with the property, including services, garage, outbuilding and boundaries and advises on their condition. The survey report informs the prospective purchaser whether the defects are serious or urgent and advises on remedial works, repairs and maintenances required.This type of inspection, survey and report is usually adequate for the majority of standard constructed residential properties, including apartments, traditional houses and most family homes, which has not been significantly altered or extended. The pre-purchase house survey we undertake and the detailed survey report we produce allows the prospective purchaser to make an informed decision as to whether or not to proceed with the purchase, or whether additional consideration and renegotiations may be required.A pre-purchase house survey / home buyers survey is quite different from a Residential Valuation Survey, which will be undertaken by a registered valuer, to assess the value of a property, by completing a 3-4 page market valuation report on the property. A residential valuation report is a prerequisite for all lending institutions, with each financial institution having a set approved panel of valuers. As we are on the approved valuation panel of a number of the financial institutions, such as AIB and Bank of Ireland, we can undertake Residential Valuation Surveys in addition to the pre-purchase house survey / home buyers survey.ln some cases a pre-purchase house / homebuyers survey may however not be suitable for some buildings, such as  for very old or unusual properties or those of non-traditional construction type.  In such circumstances a more detailed full Building Survey or a full Structural Survey may be more appropriate.  One of our surveying team members will be happy to advise you as to the most  appropriate survey which should be carried out on the property you are considering purchasing and also on the various services which we can provide.Our Surveying team have extensive experience in carrying out pre-purchase house survey on a wide range of residential properties in the Dublin and north east region for the past 30 years.Contact Thorntons Chartered Surveyors when you want a comprehensive and detailed pre-purchase house / homebuyers survey, prepared by a Professional Chartered Building Surveying Firm, utilizing years of experience, expertise and knowledge, to inspect the property you are considering buying.To book your pre-purchase house / homebuyers survey simply contact us on,  phone us on 01 8850400 or click on the Enquiry Form and fill in your detailsWe carry out pre-purchase house surveys in Dublin and the surrounding countries, including Louth, Meath, Kildare and Wicklow.

Building Surveys are prepared on commercial properties including offices, shops, industrial units and on some very old or unusual residential properties or those of non-traditional construction type. A Building Surveys is a much more detailed survey, providing a very detailed report than a pre-purchase house or homebuyers survey and will usually including accessing high level roofs and partly concealed areas, as well as the inspection and reporting on services.  The Building Survey Reports will provide a full and clear picture of the construction of the building, its condition and any recommended remedial works or issues. The report includes extensive technical information on construction and material as well as details a whole range of defects major and minor.

Our electronic surveying equipment system enable us draw up floor plans as they are surveyed them. It is not only the most accurate and fastest way of surveying buildings but is also the most cost effective for our clients.

Our measured surveys provided accurate as built / measured survey drawings of existing buildings, including site plans, floor plans, attic plans, roof plans, cross sections, elevations and street scenes. Using the latest electronic surveying equipment, combining total stations, hand held laser based measuring devices coupled via Bluetooth to a laptops with computer aided design software and the more traditional tape measure methods,  we are able to produce accurate survey drawings and data, that is efficiently collected, edited, and supplied in a range of formats. Those formats include ACAD, DWG, DXF, PDF and hard-copy plotted drawings.

Accurate floor plans, elevations and sections of existing buildings can be provided for many different purposes. These may include planning permission applications, domestic refurbishment,  house extensions,  retail and commercial refurbishment, as building drawings of developments and buildings, Land Registry Compliant Maps, etc.

We carry out measured surveys on properties in Nationwide, including Dublin, Cork, Limerick, Galway, Louth, Meath, Kildare, Wicklow and Wexford.

To book a measured surveys simply contact us on,  phone us 01 8850400 or click on the Enquiry Form and fill in your details

We offer Pre-work Schedules of Condition and Lease Commencement / Pre-lease Schedules of Conditions.Pre-works Schedule of Condition – detail the general condition of a building or structure, recording any existing cracking and damage. These are prepared prior to any major adjacent construction works including demolition, drainage works or pipeline, construction or bypass/widening schemes and tunnelling works.Lease Commencement Schedule of Condition, – the overall condition of a property is recorded, and agreed prior to the lease commencing. This Schedule of Condition is then attached to and referred to in the repairing covenant of the lease as the agreed condition of the premises at the start of any lease. The Tenant is then only responsible to maintain the property to this standard.

Valuation Surveys

Our Professional valuation team provide independent and practical advice on all sectors of the property market, including residential valuations, commercial valuations and rent reviews. We prepare Valuation reports for the major lending institutions, companies, and private clients.

Our valuations are prepared on Freehold and Leasehold property for a variety of purposes including funding, accounting, taxation and legal disputes. We are approved to undertake residential valuation surveys and commercial valuation surveys and to provide market valuation reports, including mortgage valuations reports for the majority of financial institutions, including AIB and Bank of Ireland. Both the Residential Valuation Surveys and the Commercial Valuation Survey shall be undertaken by a registered valuer, to assess the value of a property by completing a market valuation report on the property. This is a prerequisite for most financial institutions.

It is important to be aware that most residential and commercial valuation surveys and the reports produced are merely a market valuation, mainly used for lending purposes. There could be defects present within the property which may only be revealed during a detailed pre-purchase house survey / home buyers survey or building survey.  In addition to the valuation survey, our Building Surveying Department can also arrange to carry out a pre-purchase house survey / home buyers survey or building survey on the property, when you wish to obtain a detail report, identifying any main issues, defects or concerns with the property. See details in relation to our pre-purchase house survey / home buyers survey 

Our valuations are completed in compliance with the RICS/SCS Valuation Standards, published by the Society of Chartered Surveyors in the Republic of Ireland.

We carry out residential and commercial valuation surveys on properties in Dublin and the surrounding countries, including Louth, Meath, Kildare, Wicklow and Wexford.

To book your Valuation Survey simply contact us on,  phone us on 01 8850400 or click on the Enquiry Form and fill in your details

Schedules of Dilapidation are prepared on behalf of either a Landlord or Tenant on commercial leasehold property, where there are obligations to repair and maintain that property.A schedule of dilapidation details any breaches of such obligations or covenants, and other lease clause breaches, on an interim basis during the lease term, and close to or at the end of a lease term. There are various remedies to a landlord depending upon the lease and the circumstances of the breaches.Schedules of Dilapidation can be prepared, and passed for serving on Tenants. Priced versions can also be prepared depending upon the circumstances.

Anticipated Schedule of Dilapidation can also be prepared for Tenants who are concerned about the condition of their premises approaching the end of a lease or Break Clause. This enables the Tenant to either undertake such work, in good time or to budget for the likely cost of the Landlords Schedule of Dilapidations and claim. We are able to act for any Tenant where they have been served with a Schedule of Dilapidations.

We also offer Lease Commencement Schedules of Condition, where the overall condition of a property is recorded, prior to the lease commencing. This Schedule of Condition is then attached to the lease as the agreed condition of the premises at the start of any lease. The Tenant is then only responsible to maintain the property to this standard.

‘Dilapidation surveys’ are often called for by Engineering or Construction companies to record the condition of any particular building or structure prior to any adjacent development, or building works, where it may have an effect or impact on it. Strictly speaking these are not Dilapidation Surveys, in the true meaning above, but are called Schedules of Condition or Pre-works Schedule of Condition. See above.

Thorntons Chartered Surveyors offer Building Energy Rating Certificate on non domestic and domestic properties and have accredited assessors for both schemes registered with SEAI.

This Certificate is best undertaken by property professionals who have an in-depth construction knowledge to ensure the best result is obtained for a particular property and client.

Our Snag List comprise of a fully comprehensive list of items that the developer/builder has not carried out, works which have not been completed correctly or works that have not been carried out to a satisfactory standard.  The Snag List Report will include items of defective work and works required to ensure that a property is completed to Building Regulation Standard and to a standard and condition which a purchaser should expect, prior to moving in to their new property.

While pre-purchase surveys are carried out on second hand properties, a Snag List Inspection is carried out on newly built residential dwellings, in order to produce a Snag List Report.

Following receipt of the initial instruction we will contact the developer,builder or agent within 24hours, to arrange access and to check that the property is ready for snagging.  A typical property will take 1.5 – 2hours of site survey to snag completely, with a detailed report of snags, often running in to hundreds of snagging items, recorded and produced in a simple and comprehensive, easy to follow format, outlining each remedial work required in an area by area and room by room layout.

On completion of the onsite inspection, the snag list is formatted in to a comprehensive Snag List Report and forwarded as a PDF document by email to you the purchaser.  A copy of the Snag List Report can also be sent to the developers/builder’s office so that they can commence the undertaking of the remedial snagging work without delay.

A follow up inspection can be carried out if required, although our easy to follow Snag list report format will allow most purchasers to check that the snag items have been attended to.  However our building surveyors and technical team are always on hand to answer any of your queries and to provide any relevant technical advise, as well as a follow-up snag service.

When you want a comprehensive Snag List Report on your new property, one which will ensure that all deficiencies, incomplete works and snags are recorded and brought to the developers/builders attention and a snag list prepared by a professional firm of independent surveyors, who will represent your interests, then contact Thornton Chartered Surveyors.

We carry out Snag Lists inspections on properties in Dublin and the surrounding countries, including Louth, Meath, Kildare, Wicklow.

To book your Snag List survey simply contact us on,  phone us 01 8850400 or click on the Enquiry Form and fill in your details

This entails an inspection and preparation of Insurance Valuation on commercial and residential properties. It is important that the sum insured on any building is accurate to avoid under insurance issues in the event of any claim. Such sum insured should be reassessed at least every five years.

These are undertaken where property owners or management companies require maintenance reports and plans for future cost of maintenance to buildings within their property portfolio. There are known as “Sinking Funds” or “Building Investment Funds” in apartments or multi-unit developments. We have undertaken a significant number of such surveys and prepared maintenance programmes in respect of large private residences, embassy residences along with apartment complexes and office developments.

We have also undertaken and prepared planned maintenance programmes for a number of housing association/homeless organisations.

Our FETAC accredited surveyors are qualified for confined space inspections and are fully adverse with the Health and Safety Regulations and Guidelines in respect of confined spaces inspection. We have in the past carried out inspections of various drains, tunnels and sewage pumping stations for a number of clients.

On October 1st 2009 the Department of the Environment made changes to the Building Regulations – ‘Building Control (Amendment) Regulations 2009’. These regulation changes brought about the implementation of the Disability Access Certificate (DAC), mandatory for all public premises from Jan 1st, 2010.

A Disability Access Certificate is a certificate of compliance issued by the Building Control Authority with respect to requirements under Part M of the Building Regulations.
A Disability Access Certificate should be applied for at the same time as a Fire Safety Certificate and submitted to the Planning Authority with the Commencement Notice. A building cannot be used or occupied without a DAC.

If your building is used by members of the general public, then you will need to apply for a DAC. You should apply along with your Fire Safety Certificate Application at design stage.
By 2015 all Public Bodies will be required to have their buildings compliant, which is likely to mean re-fitting to many older buildings (excluding historic / heritage buildings).
A Disability Access Certificate is required for new buildings other than dwellings (including apartment buildings) and certain other works to which the Requirements of Part M of the Building Regulations apply, which commence or take place on or after 1 January 2010.

What does a Disability Access Certificate application comprise of ?
Drawings and a report to:
(a) identify and describe the works or building to which the application relates, and
(b) demonstrate how the Building or proposed works comply with the Requirements of Part M of the Building Regulations, in particular in relation to the following, where applicable;

Approach to a Building
Access to a Building
Circulation within a Building
Use of facilities within a Building
Bedrooms in hotels and other guest accommodations
Sanitary conveniences
Audience or spectator facilities
Apartments in a building

Flat rate of €800 per application, made payable to the Local Authority. Surveyors fees for the preparation of the DAC will vary depending on the complexity of the building.